Smile Information Services (SISCAN) offers a full breadth of digital services to businesses, from systemization, accounting, procedures, and quality assurance, among others, to IT, software, and hardware needs, and custom applications.

Services (IT Related)

Remote Management Monitoring (Computers)

Take the stress out of computer maintenance with SISCAN's Remote Management Monitoring service. Our team of experts ensures your computers are always running smoothly. Discover how we keep your devices optimized and hassle-free.

In a digital world where every second counts, sluggish computers are a major frustration. Our Remote Management Monitoring service acts as your personal tech guardian. We remotely oversee your computers, performing software updates, security checks, and fixing issues before they impact you. You enjoy seamless computing while we handle the complexities behind the scenes.

  • Maintain computer speed and performance remotely.
  • Software updates, security checks, and preventative maintenance.
  • Fix software or operating system issues before they impact computer(s) or networks

Remote Management (Devices)

Experience device harmony like never before with SISCAN's Remote Management service. Discover how we streamline settings, troubleshoot problems, and keep your devices in sync without you lifting a finger. Explore hassle-free device management.

Gone are the days of device confusion! Our Remote Management service takes care of the technical intricacies. We remotely adjust settings, perform necessary updates, and resolve issues across all your devices. Whether it's your smartphone, tablet, or any other gadget, we ensure everything works seamlessly, leaving you with more time for what you love.

  • Keep all devices – smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets – in sync.
  • Streamline settings, troubleshoot problems, hassle-free device management.
  • Remotely adjust settings, perform necessary updates, and resolve issues across all devices.

Cloud Backup

Protect your precious files from accidents and mishaps with SISCAN's Cloud Backup service. See how we securely store your data in the cloud, ready to be accessed whenever and wherever you need. Learn about our data fortification solution.

Data loss can be devastating, but with our Cloud Backup service, your files are in safe hands. We create encrypted copies of your important data and store them securely in the cloud. No matter if your device crashes or you accidentally delete something, your files remain intact and easily retrievable, ensuring your peace of mind.

  • Securely store data in the cloud for instantaneous access and retrieval anywhere.
  • Data fortification solution.
  • Keep files intact and safe from device crashes or accidental deletion.

Onsite Backup

Secure your data against unexpected disasters with SISCAN's Onsite Backup service. Discover how we create duplicate copies of your critical files, ready to be restored at a moment's notice. Explore the peace of mind our backup solution brings.

Data loss can strike at any time, but our Onsite Backup service acts as a safety net. We make exact copies of your important files and store them on-site. In the event of hardware failures or accidents, you can quickly recover your data without any hassle. Your business and personal files stay protected, ensuring you're always prepared for the unexpected.

  • Managed protection of personal and business files.
  • Secure data against unexpected disasters.
  • Duplicate copies of critical files stored onsite to be quickly restored as required.

Office 365

Unlock the power of productivity with SISCAN's Office 365 service. Discover how we bring together essential tools like Word, Excel, and Outlook, enabling seamless collaboration and communication. Explore how you can transform your work with Office 365.

Office 365 isn't just software; it's your complete office in the cloud. We provide you access to popular applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, all from any device. Collaborate on documents in real-time, communicate effortlessly through Outlook, and enjoy the convenience of cloud storage. Boost your productivity and modernize your workspace with Office 365.

  • Increase productivity by enabling seamless collaboration and communication between tools like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and others.
  • Access Office 365 tools and apps from any device.
  • Collaborate on documents in real time.
  • Cloud storage.

Office 365 Enhanced Security

Elevate your Office 365 experience with fortified security from SISCAN. Discover how our Office 365 Enhanced Security service adds layers of protection to your data, emails, and documents. Explore how you can safeguard your digital workspace.

In a world where cyber threats are ever-evolving, standard security measures might not be enough. Our Office 365 Enhanced Security service takes your protection up a notch. We implement advanced security protocols to shield your emails, files, and data from phishing, malware, and unauthorized access. With us, your Office 365 experience is not only productive but also highly secure.

  • Add layers of fortified protection to Office 365 suite data, emails, and documents.
  • Shield email, files, and data from phishing, malware, ransomware, and unauthorized access.

Microsoft Applications

Experience the full potential of Microsoft applications with SISCAN's expert support. Discover how we help you maximize the functionality of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Explore how we enhance your Microsoft software usage.

Microsoft applications are a powerhouse for your tasks and projects. Our service extends beyond installation – we provide guidance, tips, and troubleshooting to ensure you make the most of these tools. Whether it's creating stunning presentations, crunching numbers in Excel, or drafting reports in Word, we empower you to use Microsoft applications efficiently and effectively.

  • Unlock full potential of Microsoft applications.
  • Maximize functionality of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more with guidance, tips, and troubleshooting.

Internet Security

Navigate the online world with confidence using SISCAN's Internet Security service. Discover how we shield you from cyber threats, safeguard your sensitive information, and ensure a secure digital experience. Explore how we protect your virtual presence.

As you browse, shop, and connect online, your security is paramount. Our Internet Security service acts as a digital armor, protecting you from malicious attacks and data breaches. We implement robust measures to keep your information safe, your transactions secure, and your online activities private. With SISCAN by your side, you can enjoy the internet without worries, knowing that your virtual presence is fortified.

  • Security solutions to safeguard online presence.
  • Keep personal and business data safe from cyber threats.
  • Shield sensitive information against hacking attempts.
  • Fortify networks from potential breaches.
  • Browse, shop, and connect with confidence, secure against online risk.

Services (Web-Related)

Domain Name

Claim your digital identity with SISCAN's Domain Name service. Discover how we help you secure your unique online address, making your presence known on the web. Explore how we simplify domain registration and management.

Your domain is your online signature, and we make sure it's exclusively yours. Our Domain Name service streamlines the process of getting the perfect web address. From checking domain availability to managing renewals, we've got the details covered. Let your online journey begin with a memorable domain name.

  • Check domain availability and claim digital identity.
  • Secure unique online address.
  • Manage domain renewals.

Domain Name Services (DNS)

Navigate the online landscape seamlessly with SISCAN's Domain Name Services. Explore how our DNS solutions keep your website running smoothly, ensuring that visitors find you without a hitch. Discover how we enhance your web presence.

Behind every successful website is a reliable DNS service. Our Domain Name Services optimize your site's performance and accessibility. We ensure that when someone enters your domain, they're directed to your site quickly and securely. Enjoy the benefits of fast loading times and seamless browsing for your visitors.

  • Managed web presence.
  • Keep websites running smoothly and easily found through searches.
  • Optimize website performance and accessibility.
  • Fast loading and seamless, secure browsing for visitors.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Accelerate your online content with SISCAN's Content Delivery Network. Uncover how our CDN service boosts your website's speed and performance, delivering a superior user experience. Explore how we make your content lightning-fast.

In a world where speed matters, our Content Delivery Network shines. We spread your content across a network of servers, strategically placed around the world. This means when someone accesses your website, they get the data from the server closest to them, resulting in faster loading times and a smoother browsing experience.

  • Accelerate online content and boost website speed and performance.
  • Strategically placed network of servers ensures maximum server proximity benefits for website visitors e.g. faster loading times and smoother browsing.


Turn your digital dreams into reality with SISCAN's Development service. See how we transform your ideas into functional, user-friendly websites and applications. Learn about our development expertise.

You envision it, we build it. Our Development service brings your concepts to life. Whether it's a sleek website or a dynamic app, our skilled developers craft solutions that are not only visually stunning but also intuitive and responsive. Elevate your online presence with our development prowess.

  • Transform creative ideas into functional, user-friendly websites and applications.
  • Bring concepts to life with skilled developers.
  • Elevate online presence.

Hosting (Linux, Windows)

Lay the foundation for your digital space with SISCAN's Hosting services. Discover how our Linux and Windows hosting solutions provide the perfect environment for your website or application to thrive. Explore reliable, high-performance hosting.

Your online presence deserves a reliable home. Our Hosting services offer you the choice between Linux and Windows hosting, catering to your specific needs. We provide a secure and optimized environment where your website or application can flourish, ensuring smooth performance and uninterrupted access.

  • Match specific needs to either Linux or Windows hosting solutions.
  • Website or application hosting in a secure environment optimized for reliability.
  • Smooth performance and uninterrupted access. 

Tools (WordPress, Joomla, Backup)

Empower your online endeavors with SISCAN's Tools services. Explore how we leverage powerful platforms like WordPress and Joomla to create stunning websites, while our Backup tools keep your precious data safe. See how our tools enhance your digital journey.

Creating a captivating website is at your fingertips with our Tools services. Whether you're drawn to the simplicity of WordPress or the versatility of Joomla, we use these platforms to craft your online masterpiece. And to ensure your efforts are always protected, our Backup tools create regular snapshots of your data, giving you peace of mind.

  • Create and manage captivating websites with WordPress or Joomla platforms.
  • Choose simplicity or versatility.
  • Remote backup tools to keep website data and content safe.

Communication (Email, Text)

Stay connected effortlessly with SISCAN's Communication services. Discover how our Email and Text solutions streamline your communication efforts, making sure you never miss a beat. Explore how we enhance your connectivity.

Effective communication is key in the digital age. Our Communication services offer robust Email solutions that keep you professional and connected. And when concise messaging is crucial, our Text services ensure your messages are delivered promptly. Stay in touch seamlessly with our communication expertise.

  • Robust and professional email solutions.
  • Prompt and seamless text communication.
  • Streamlined digital communication efforts.

Database (MySQL and SQL)

Organize and manage your data with precision using SISCAN's Database services. Learn how our MySQL and SQL solutions provide the backbone for data-driven applications. Delve into the world of structured data management.

Behind every powerful application is a robust database. Our Database services use MySQL and SQL to structure, store, and retrieve data efficiently. Whether it's e-commerce transactions or user profiles, we ensure your data is organized, secure, and ready to drive your applications forward.

  • MySQL and SQL enhanced database services structure, store, and retrieve data efficiently.
  • Precise, organized and secure organization and management of e-commerce transactions and/or user profiles.

Services (IT Infrastructure)


Elevate your digital experience with SISCAN's Hardware services. Discover how we provide top-notch equipment to enhance your computing power and efficiency. Explore how our hardware solutions take your technology to the next level.

Your devices are only as strong as the hardware within them. Our Hardware services offer cutting-edge equipment that boosts performance and reliability. Whether it's computers, servers, or other tech essentials, we provide the hardware that empowers your digital endeavors.

  • Enhance computing power with cutting-edge equipment.
  • Get professionally vetted, approved, and acquired hardware – computers, servers, devices, and other tech essentials – at a reasonable price.
  • Boost performance and reliability.


Unleash the potential of your devices with SISCAN's Software services. Learn how we optimize your systems with the right software, enhancing functionality and user experience. Discover how our software solutions make technology work seamlessly for you.

Software is the heart of modern technology. Our Software services ensure your systems are equipped with the right applications and tools. From operating systems to productivity software, we tailor your software environment to suit your needs, keeping your devices running smoothly.

  • Optimize operating systems and enhance functionality and user experience with the appropriate software solutions, applications, and tools.
  • Keep devices running smoothly.
  • Establish a software environment tailored to specific business needs


Capture attention and tell your story visually with SISCAN's Design services. Explore how we create compelling visuals, from websites to logos, that resonate with your audience. See how our design solutions bring your ideas to life.

First impressions matter, and design plays a crucial role. Our Design services craft visuals that speak volumes. Whether it's a user-friendly website or an eye-catching logo, we create designs that reflect your brand's personality and resonate with your target audience.

  • Business branding.
  • Websites.
  • Logos.
  • Compelling and resonant visuals. 


Turn your strategies into action with SISCAN's Implementation services. Discover how we guide you through the process of putting plans into practice, ensuring successful execution. Explore how our implementation solutions bring your ideas to reality.

Bringing ideas to life requires careful execution. Our Implementation services help you navigate the path from planning to reality. We work closely with you to ensure strategies are implemented effectively, meeting your goals and delivering the outcomes you envision.

  • Ensure successful execution of strategies and implementation of plans.
  • Support in meeting goals and delivering outcomes.

Maintain, Monitor

Keep your technology in peak condition with SISCAN's Maintain and Monitor services. Learn how we provide ongoing support, updates, and surveillance to ensure your systems operate flawlessly. Click 'Read More' to discover how we take care of your technology's health.

Just like any machine, technology needs regular maintenance. Our Maintain and Monitor services offer proactive care for your systems. We keep an eye on their performance, provide timely updates, and swiftly address issues to ensure your technology remains dependable.

  • Regular maintenance, ongoing support, updates, and surveillance.
  • Ensure consistent and dependable technology operation.


Stay connected and collaborate seamlessly with SISCAN's Networking services. Explore how we create robust network infrastructures that enable smooth communication and data sharing. See how our networking solutions enhance your connectivity.

In the digital age, networking is the backbone of communication. Our Networking services establish reliable connections, both wired and wireless. We design and implement networks that facilitate seamless data transfer and collaboration, empowering your team to work together effortlessly.

  • Design and implement robust network infrastructures.
  • Ensure reliable connections, wired and/or wireless.
  • Enable smooth communication, collaboration, and data sharing


Protect your digital assets with SISCAN's Security services. Learn how we implement comprehensive measures to safeguard your data, applications, and online activities from cyber threats. Click 'Read More' to explore how our security solutions fortify your digital fortress.

In an increasingly interconnected world, security is paramount. Our Security services provide robust measures to defend your digital environment. From encryption to firewalls, we ensure your data is shielded from cyberattacks. With us, you can operate online with confidence, knowing your information is safe.

  • Protection of digital assets.
  • Encryption, firewalls, and other comprehensive measures to keep data safe from cyber threats.
  • Shield sensitive information against hacking attempts.
  • Fortify networks from potential breaches.
  • Operate online with confidence, secure against online risk.

Information Technology

Smile Information Services understands that not everyone can or needs to have an IT Department. SISCAN will help you unlock the potential in your software systems and walk you through set up of your hardware.  

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Design
  • Implementation (Install and Configure)
  • Maintain/Monitor

Subscription Services (Onsite and Remote)

Let SISCAN remotely manage your subscription services, email, hosting, and security.

  • Remote Management Monitoring
  • Remote Management Devices
  • Cloud Backup Services (offsite)
  • Office 365 (enhanced security)
  • Microsoft 365 (applications, communication)
  • Internet Security

Web-Related Services

  • Web Development (Internet/Intranet)
  • Hosting
  • Communications (Email)
  • Domain name (DNS)
  • WordPress, Joomla

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