• About SISCAN

SISCAN owner Barry McConomy has had a keen interest in how to make businesses more efficient through the implementation of systems and processes since he began his career over 50 years ago in England, before computers became a business necessity.

When personal computers started to become accessible, he was an early adopter, buying a few computers and quickly figuring out how they could be used to systemize tasks and make day to day business operations run more smoothly. The seeds for Smile Information Services (SISCAN) were sown.

The McConomy’s – Barry, Linda, and boys - emigrated to Canada in 1997, and with their hearts sold on the loveliness of Northern Ontario and a desire to settle somewhere on the Highway 17 corridor, they arrived in Mattawa. They first rented, then bought, and decided to go into the Information Technology and Business Advisory industry at the commercial level.

It took approximately five years for SISCAN to become fully established, but in the years since, the SISCAN team has earned the trust of dozens of businesses, most owned by neighbours and others from the vicinity, with professionalism and dedication to the highest levels of quality, service, and support, along with honesty and a sense of fairness. 

Taking Business Improvement Into the Future

For the team, taking a business task that is a pain point for someone, and making it workable, makes it all worthwhile.

Always a forward-looking company, as the IT and tech business evolved to offer more remote services, SISCAN’s business structure changed to enter the remote working environment. (They still take pride, however, on offering a personal, on-site touch when required.)

As more applications became available for personal devices, SISCAN saw an opportunity to distill an extensive knowledge of technology, business systems, and processes into one powerful app that would be easy to launch, customizable to the client, and easy to adopt because it works based on how the customer works.

The next chapter for SISCAN is still being written with the Customer Applications Portal.